profileI recently completed my master’s program in Education Studies with an advanced certificate in Educational Technology and New Literacies at the Graduate School of Education at SUNY University at Buffalo. I hold a bachelors in Documentary Studies & Production from Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, which I received in 2012. My research interests and professional experiences pertain to media literacy, digital literacy, and education technology integration .

In addition to my own video production work, I am interested in teaching others how to tell their own stories through media. I have taught media education courses in video production, social networking and web design to at-risk and foster youth in New York and Rhode Island. I have also done media education curriculum development for organizations such as Green Living ProjectProject Look Sharp, and VSA Arts RI.

I served as the website project manager for the Harrington School of Communications and Media at the University of Rhode Island and I am interested in expanding my role as a website designer.

My particular research interests are on underrepresented and disabled adolescents, media literacy pedagogy and informal learning environments. I am starting to study how media literacy education can bridge informal and formal learning spaces for at-risk youth.

When I’m not working hard on media education, I enjoy kayaking, horseback riding, going on hikes with my dog and exploring new places. My family is very dear to her and my parents, who are both teachers, have had a large influence on my interest in education.