My Story

1530568_10201857750352031_3415353466740094717_nWith both my parents being teachers, I grew up surrounded by school discourse. For the first decade of my life I dreamt of filling the shoes of all the role models who had taught me so much within and beyond school borders. In my free time I would transform my family’s home office to a classroom and lead activities for my imaginary students or eagerly help my mother prepare for class by laminating signs and decorating bulletin boards. Throughout middle school as my guidance counselor inquired about my career interests I repeatedly replied with my consistent desire to become a teacher.

As a result of further self-discovery in high school however, I sought to be an individual distinct from my parents and began contemplating alternative career paths. I decided to pursue a degree in journalism to further my love for writing, which I have adamantly practiced since age six through a collection of diaries.

After my first semester in college I became frustrated with the formulaic and restrictive aspects of news reporting promoted within my coursework and switched to a new documentary program where I was given the freedom to multimodally advocate for social justice issues through a variety of mediums combining print, audio and visual elements. I continued to take journalism classes, but also expanded my skill-set and knowledge-base by enrolling in filmmaking, photography, coding, television and communication theory courses.

Additionally, I was also part of an honors program where I took a seminar my first year titled “Why Are We Here?: Youth Culture and the Problem of College.” Through my active participation in the class I was reminded of my passion for education and subsequently became involved with Project Look Sharp where I started co-authoring media literacy curriculum kits. I became ecstatic that I could combine my love for media with education and determined I would shape my career trajectory around such an intersection.

I subsequently moved to Rhode Island where I worked with Dr. Renee Hobbs at the Media Education Lab and then went on to obtain my master’s degree in Education with a focus in media and technology integration.

I am continually working to cross boundaries and combine disciplines; always looking for new ways to create, educate and collaborate! Please take a look at the work I have done and reach out to me with any inquiries or opportunities you may have.