Media Production

With expanding technologies and media platforms the ways in which information can be shared is growing rapidly. I have sought to stay on top of the ever expanding possibilities of communication by continually learning new expressive means.


With a formal background in documentary production, I have a strong understanding of the powerful multimodal capacities of film to convey powerful stories. I have produced a variety of nonfiction videos including not only documentaries, but also news, promotional, and instructional pieces as well.


Beyond video production, I have dabbled in photography both in formal study and personal pleasure. In addition to the professional images I have captured and displayed on this site, I also continually snap life’s moments to share through various social network sites.

Web Work

As the internet continues to make impressions in our everyday lives and interactions, I explore ways to harness the newfound powers of the web. I have designed and managed the implementation of websites, blogs and webinars for organizations and individuals. I plan to continue developing my online creative engagements along with my other media production endeavors moving forward.

To see examples of my work view:

My Media Products

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