Web Work

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I served as the website project manager for the Harrington School of Communication and Media. Working with university faculty, staff and students along with the web team, Defined Clarity, I oversaw the design, implementation and evaluation of the new school site. Within the first two months it was up it received over 20,000 views.


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I planned and designed the travel blog Love at First Sail, which details the adventures of my relatives who live aboard their sail boat venturing throughout the Bahama Islands. In addition to the direct work I did on the site, I also provided training to the new bloggers, giving them insight on best strategies for content creation and sharing. The site received over 54,000 views within the first year.


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I am currently responsible for planning, promoting, designing, conducting and evaluating online webinars introducing and addressing best practices for integrating Project Look Sharp media literacy curriculum kits in diverse learning contexts.