I specialize in nonfiction video production which includes documentaries, promotional, instructional and news videos. I own a DSLR camera, Final Cut 7 editing program, and PhotoShop allowing me to create high quality, HD videos.

Featured Documentary

She smiled. It was brief, but perfect. The small hidden video camera captured it all: the clinician in the background fumbling with the leaking plant pot and Alexis smiling. “She loves slapstick comedy,” her mother told me. She continued to talk about her daughter and said, “There is a voice in there, it just hasn’t come out yet.”


Alexis cannot speak, but that did not stop me from telling her story. In fact, her story epitomizes the very reason I love filmmaking. A documentary, when done just right, opens the audiences’ eyes to a reality other than their own. Producing such a piece is an intricate process. The producer is constructing the reality for the audience. Every decision affects the end result, from what is recorded on camera to what is used in the final edit. While such power can be daunting, it also allows the producer to put together a film that invites the viewer to look at the world through someone else’s eyes. By sharing other’s stories through documentary, I have found the important use of video for social change.

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Expressions of Hope

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Media pieces produced for the multimedia section of The Ithacan, Ithaca College’s newspaper.