Media Education

As a result of my educational and media production experiences I have become fascinated with expanded notions of literacy and continue to learn about media, digital and new literacies. In today’s society, it is imperative for individuals to be able to critically deconstruct and create not only written messages, but also visual and audio messages to stay educated and connected in our media saturated world.  I have had a vast array of experiences intersecting media and education to help people learn and communicate in the 21st century.


I became passionate about pursuing a career at the intersection of media and education while developing curriculum for Project Look Sharp at Ithaca College. Since then, I have worked on lessons, modules, assessments and teacher guides addressing media and technology integration for a few different organizations and institutions.


In addition to my own media production work, I am interested in teaching others how to tell their own stories. The presence of diverse and under-represented voices in the media landscape is very important to me and I thus gravitate towards teaching opportunities where I can help marginalized individuals express their beliefs and experiences. I also integrate critical pedagogies into my work and incorporate media analysis activities along with production. I have taught courses in video production, social networking, animation, website design, photography, and video game design to youth ranging from middle school to high school in New York and Rhode Island.


I pride myself in my goal to maintain an identity as a lifelong learner and thus never cease to inquire about the world I live in. As an emerging scholar, I have begun to practice academic research, predominantly qualitative in nature, looking at the benefits of media production with at-risk adolescents in nontraditional learning spaces. I have a few articles published and continue to write and submit to journals with the aim of expanding my academic presence and furthering the scholarly fields pertinent to my work. I deeply enjoy attending conferences and have presented at several on behalf of myself and organizations I have worked for.

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