In addition to understanding firsthand what it takes to create a variety of media texts ranging from videos to websites, I have also taught numerous media education courses to middle school and high school students. Course topics I have covered include video production, graphic design, animation, website design, photography, and video game design.

Using a media literacy framework, I aim to help students critically analyze and produce diverse media texts through which they develop effective communication skills for the 21st Century. I understand the dynamic dimensions of the media education field and continually push myself to learn about new technologies, instructional practices and relevant research.

I have been an instructor for Squeaky Wheel Buffalo Media Resources, First Star URI Ram Academy, VSA Arts RI, the Guide 2 Success program at Central Falls High School and an after-school program at Calcutt Middle School.

webinar_graphicI have experimented and continue to be fascinated with the collaborative potentials of online spaces, video conferencing, social networks, and social bookmarking systems for distance conversations and collaborations.

Pedagogical Thoughts


From my teaching experiences I have found how eager youth are to collaborate when they share passion for a creative idea they are invested in. I foster this collaboration through guidance in group role development, clear task comprehension and empathy acknowledgment.


I believe the integration of creativity in education derives from a facilitator’s sincere interest in students’ personal experiences, emotions and desires in conjunction with a captivation of their curiosity and multimodal expression. Creativity is best unleashed when there is space for play supported by structure embedded in genuine motivations. When youth believe they are creating something for an authentic purpose and have room to explore possibilities they are more likely to engage in the creative process.


A strong way to facilitate learning about empathy with youth is through a broadened acknowledgement of perspectives. Through analyzing a diverse collection of media texts that represent different perspectives relevant to an issue students can understand why the differences exist, how they are portrayed, where the students stand and why, and what they can do to responsibly advocate for their informed beliefs and those of underrepresented or misunderstood individuals.

Affiliated Organizations

First Star URI Academy

First Star URI Academy is a program aimed at helping foster youth become prepared for college.

For three summers, I have taught media literacy courses to a group of 20 high school students. The courses have included media analysis, videography, responsible social network use, and web design.

The video below addresses the purpose and impacts of the First Star URI Academy, addressing the media course within the larger context.


VSA arts Rhode Island is a statewide, nonprofit, arts and education organization dedicated to providing opportunities for children and adults with disabilities to actively participate in the arts.

I taught media production courses in videography, web design, and video games to at-risk youth in Central Falls and Providence, RI. My work was a collaboration between VSA Arts RI and the Media Education Lab.

The video below highlights a media course I co-instructed for foster youth in collaboration with VSA Arts Ri, Adoption RI, and the Media Education Lab.