Chicago Livin’

My apartment
My apartment

I can’t believe it has already been over a month since I have moved to Chicago! I have been so busy and subsequently have neglected to write another blog post. To briefly sum up my experience thus far, it has been absolutely incredible. I am sincerely happy with the places, people and pursuits I have been involved with.

I am living in Buena Park, which is part of Uptown, a a neighborhood north of the city’s downtown (known as The Loop). I love the area because it has more of a small town feel with easy access to all the urban amenities. There is grand church on the corner of my street that plays lovely bells everyday, a library across the road from me, a posh bar next-door and a little wine and sandwich shop besides that. One of the greatest perks is that it is only a few blocks from the lake with an easy under-road pass to the lakeside trail. The pass itself is artfully decorated and leads to a little Peace Garden which in and of itself is nice.

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My two housemates, Rachel and Erica, are amazing. When I first moved in they had a welcome sign on the door and they have been nothing but inviting and genuinely kind ever since. I also share the premise with two furry friends, Henry Cat and Mortdecai who have been friendly and rather amusing at times.

The unit is super clean and gorgeous since it was recently renovated. Living with tidy and organized housemates has helped as well. An open concept layout in the front of the apartment makes is very light and roomy. And we all spend a good deal of time in the kitchen mass producing meals for each week. One of my first matters to address when I arrived was to set up my room, which I have used a coastal theme with. I am typing this post from the comfort of my cushy brown chair, which I made a priority of getting as soon as I got to the city.

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Luckily, the weather has been getting warmer and I have been spending a great deal of time outside the apartment. I have been training for another half marathon and running along the lakeside trail every other day. I joined a yoga studio nearby.  And I am also attempting to play in a beach volleyball league despite my lack of hand-eye coordination. So far, I have not made too much of a fool of myself (I hope) and I have enjoyed the fun playing atmosphere and camaraderie amongst my teammates. It has been a great way to meet new people and make more friends as well! When I’m not working out or working, I try to make the most of events going on in the city on the weekends and evenings too. I have been to three festivals over three weekends!

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Last weekend Adrienne, my dear friend from college, came to visit. She is currently attending grad school at the University of Michigan so it was just a long bus ride for her to get to the windy city. It had been so long since I had last seen her that I was thrilled to be able to spend some time together. Unfortunately for her, she was my guineapig for hosting since I am still so new to the city myself. Although I got us somewhat lost the very first night, I believe things got better as the weekend progressed. On Friday, we made sure to indulge in some deep-dish pizza from Gino’s East then moseyed around the Magnificent Mile for a little bit, gawking at the price tags in high end boutiques. We then went to a play my friend directed before calling it a night. Saturday, we started off the day with an incredible brunch at Inspiration Kitchen down then spent most the afternoon watching a humorous, witty comedy show called Paper Machete at the Green Mill where Nick Offerman stopped by to perform a few of his hilarious songs amongst several other highly talented acts spanning rock performance, puppeteering, and stand-up. The place was absolutely packed, but it was well worth it! Sunday, before Adrienne left, we made sure to cover the typical tourist sites in Chicago, snapping selfies in front of the bean sculpture in Millennium Park and dining at the Navy Pier (Margaritaville style). Although it seemed like it was going to rain all day, the weather held out for us and actually ended up being one of the nicest days of the weekend.

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IMG_2738This upcoming weekend I’m going beyond the borders of Chicago for my first time since living here to visit my incredible relatives (The Konesco crew) in Indiana. I’m ecstatic to catch up with my family and celebrate baby Molly’s baptism.

Summer seems to be getting into full swing and I cannot wait to experience all that lies ahead!

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