My Media Literacy Trip: Part 3

Never Dull in New York City…

While I thought the crazy yoga session was a whirlwind, it was nothing compared to my time in New York City. My trip in on the train started serenely with a sunset that back-splashed the silhouetted skyscraper horizon a vivid orange and pink, but as soon as I stepped foot in Penn Station the calm was broken with people bustling by hurrying to get home from work.

I mostly stayed with my friend, Christine, out on Long Island where the hustle and bustle is at bay, however one night I was able to sleep over at my friend Sam’s apartment in Brooklyn. While the matter of where I stayed may seem a bit boring, the drama of my trip comes when I explain what happened during the day…

IMG_2620First, on my way in from Long Island to Brooklyn to meet up with Rhys Daunic from The Media Spot, I fainted on the train. Before I go further I will state that I am absolutely fine and I recovered quickly. However, being escorted off by a group of police then checked out by a team of paramedics on an ambulance was not exactly how I envisioned my morning. Rhys and his wife patiently waited for me to make it to Brooklyn and once I met up with them the rest of my day seemed to go rather well. I visited Taots and the Brooklyn School of Inquiry where Rhys provides media literacy consulting. It was so fascinating to see his diverse role meeting with the principal, teachers and at one point, even stepping in as a basketball instructor!

The following day I met up with Michelle CiullaLipkin, NAMLE’s executive director, who kindly treated me to a delicious brunch at a Manhattan diner. It was great catching up with her in person and as I got on the metro to visit Emily Bailin at Teachers College, I was feeling confident about navigating my way around the big city, despite my brief unconscious moment the morning before. But my reluctancy towards the city returned when I realized that my wallet was not on me. I rushed back to the diner, but had no luck finding it. Rather than meeting up with Emily, I spent the rest of the day canceling cards, filing a police report and obtaining a temporary license (which does not include a photo). My biggest concern was being able to finish my journey in Chicago… if I did not have a photo ID I could not fly! Thankfully my parents saved the day by overnighting my passport through FedEx.

*The next part of this blog post (coming tomorrow) will cover my time in Chicago.

2 thoughts on “My Media Literacy Trip: Part 3

  1. Because I love you, I must know why you fainted! I hope you got that figured out and never do it again! I know how scary it is and how painful it can be depending on where you land! Take care of you Sweetie!

  2. As always your adventures are great to read about. Amazing pictures too! So glad you didn’t tell us about your fainting situation until after you got home though! We look forward to more posts. Love you!

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