My Media Literacy Trip: Part 1

I recently embarked on a tour of four states to meet up with incredible media literacy professionals and experience first hand the great work they’re doing.

Since I finished my master’s program in December, I decided to take the trip to network and explore potential career opportunities. And I have to admit, I also have a travel addiction. I’ll use any excuse to explore new places and see old friends.

Boston Bound…

IMG_2591My first stop was Boston (since I was able to get a direct flight for only $59 – thanks JetBlue)! Upon arriving I was glad that I decided to wear my long down coat since the weather was quite frigid. More alarming than the temperature however, was the amount of snow! Although Boston has been competing with Buffalo on news coverage this winter, I often disregard such reports knowing they rarely measure up to the brute of Lake-effect flurries, but Boston really is buried! Despite the snow and cold, I was able to meet up with my dear college friends Lauren and Chelsea.

Although it was brief, I was able to get Paul Mihailidis to give me a tour of the Engagement Lab at Emerson College. The space is really neat and houses a computer lab, game room, meeting room, office area and a little lobby (where I was greeted by a friendly dog). Paul explained how they are continuing to grow and hope to expand their presence in the building with classrooms on the floor below. Beyond physical space, the Engagement Lab is also making gains online, most recently with the launch of the Civic Media Project, an innovative publication site.

*The next part of this blog post (coming tomorrow) will cover my visit to little Rhode Island, the state I called home from 2012-2013.

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