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Digital Storytelling & Animoto

I believe incorporating digital storytelling in the classsroom is important for several reasons. From my experience working with disabled and underpriviledged populations I have discovered the importane of student motivation. I have found that using digital resources initially spurs student interest which is alway key before moving forward with a lesson. Once the students are engaged, the media combined with the storytelling component really enhances student creativity. The multimodality of the combination allows students to learn and express themselves in various ways from written word to images to video.

I have incorporated digital storytelling in the classroom on a few different occasions. I taught one digital storytelling lesson as part of a summer academy for ninth grade foster students in RI. I used the Ormie the Pig video to teach story elements such as character, objective, conflict, climax, etc. The students then identified such elements in the music video Call Me Maybe. Next, we had a discussion about how the video added another layer to the song with a story that was not told in just the lyrics. To conclude the lesson, the students chose songs and wrote stories that aligned with their perception of the lyrics. They then filmed their stories and edited them with their chosen songs to create their own music videos. The finished products were rather impressive and the class screening went very well.

I  presented at the NAMLE conference this summer on how Animoto can be used in the classroom. Students can use it for book reports, current events presentations, science projects, or introductions as I have demonstrated for a course I’m in right now. Teachers can also use the resource to introduce a new topic, inform parents about classroom activities or make an end of the year video.

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